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The Midi-Pyrenees/The Gers:

Chosen to “second best to live in” after Andalusie in Spain (although people think it is too hot there to live).

And also called: Tuscany of France.

Climate: micro climate: warm (not hot) summers and nice winters (not too cold).

People get very old here due to the weather, the food, living “stressless”, and no worries for the day of tomorrow, social very strong. Open to strangers and very much willing to help.

The position: you live here a bit like a spider in a webb.

Only 2 hours to get to Spain.

About 1 hour to get to the heart of the Pyrenees (for ski-ing or walking).

2,5 hour to go to Biarritz (Atlantic)

3 hours to get to Narbonne erea for the Mediterrainian.

Toulouse airport: about an hour and lots of destinations, so easy for friends and clients.

And yourself if you want to go back to the UK or the Netherlands or what ever.

They are working on the TGV to get to Toulouse. And a motorway from Toulouse to Bordeaux (for Airbus)

The Pyrenees: they are stunning every day of the year. Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring.

No day is the same. With snow, without snow, the sun on the Pyrenees, thunder and storm, animals that are rare, ski season, summer walking season….every time a challange.

People: originally it was and still is a community of farmers that are used to help eachother with sharing their tractors and big machines. They are very open to other people and always willing to help. They respect your privacy but they will always invite you to village activities, one of the members of the community comes to your house to tell that some one in the village has died and they will invite you to be part of the funeral. They organize vide-greniers and special events like “jour de chasse’ with lots of food and drinks, fête de mais, moules frites evenings, Petanque, and every village has his own thing to celebrate. New Years wishes.

Events: metioned before: every village has his specific days/events.

Most famous event (and all B&B’s gites, hotels and campsites are full booked) is The International Jazz Festival of Marciac 3 weeks starting last week of July.

Also the Country festival in Mirande around the 14th of July.

The Tempo Latino and lots of other events in Vic Fezensac.

There are choirs, concerts, Tea in the Teapot, restaurants, bars, brocantes, Marché à l’ancien in Seissan (first Friday in August), Rock festivals.

Indeed, there are more tourists in summer but all together there is not too much difference (on markets) between summer and Winter.

The Gers has a nice mixture of different people: British, Dutch, Belgians, Germans, Swiss, Swedish and more. Not too much of one of these. However Britts are a very close group. But that is everywhere. On Facebook you’ll find: Expats in the Hautes-Pyrenees and Gers, Gers for sale, swap, give away and wanted, English speaking community.

So be welcome in the Gers!

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